Over The Decades Bunkers Became More Of A

World War II Abandoned Places explores all types of abandoned places that were left by the Nazis during WWII. From an atomic bunker in France to an underground tunnel in Denmark, these places will stay with you for the rest of your long, long days.

⚛ Access to a bunker can be a ticket to safety ⚛

On their tour of New York, they stumble upon a hidden bunker at the base of a mountain. It's a fascinating find, but one they know they can't share their findings with an eager public. It comes with a compromise-- they have to.

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The Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker

Originally constructed in the late 1940's by the Soviet government for storage purposes, this old Soviet Cold War Bunker shares an abandoned space just waiting for its next adventure. The challenge of the Urbex experience is to explore the night coming with uncertainty and terror.

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Explore Abandoned Bunker & Lost Places in Europe

No one's making bunker tourism cool again, but you don't have to be cool to want to bunker down with us.

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Europe's Best Abandoned Places - Bunker ★★★★★

These strange, creepy, and haunting images of abandoned WWII bunkers from around the world will creep you out.

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Explore abandoned bunkers around Europe in depth

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers.

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Explore abandoned Cold War bunkers ★★★☆☆

Faced with an overwhelming overwhelming amount of images of abandoned buildings, we decided to create images of these WWII bunkers to see the contrast in the architecture and what it might look like today.

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History World War 2, Cold War bunkers

World War 2 Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers.

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Bunker sites for Cold War Era

Live tours of abandoned cold war nuclear bunkers where people can simulate living through what it would be like if they were on the inside of a nuclear warhead.

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Abandoned Soviet Nuclear Bunker: Part 1 ★★★★★

A nuclear bunker with a nuclear bomb shelter is a basement with a protected entrance protected by a 10cm thick reinforced concrete wall and a 5cm steel-reinforced door with a panic-room-style locking system.

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Bunkers can be found worldwide

A book about the history of the bunkers and the people who inhabited them.

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☣ Bunker was almost entirely subterranean ☣

Abandoned Soviet nuclear bunkers are being used in the Cold War Tourism industry in numerous countries.

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The Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker

One of the largest Bunkers in germany is waiting to be explored! Sign up for your chance to explore an old military structure - discover it today!.

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✬ Explore the world's largest Cold War bunker ✬

Bunkers are abandoned, are becoming more popular as a dwelling.

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Abandoned Bunker and Lost Places Europe

It's been abandoned for more than 25 years and it's time to take a break from the world. A few spades of dirt and you're in the center of the Soviet Union's biggest and creepiest bunker. Welcome to Urbex: fully stocked and ready for whatever you've got in mind.

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☣️ Some bunkers can be rented out for tourism ☣️

The streets of Europe are filled with these abandoned bunkers.

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Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker ★★★☆☆

The Bunker Built For Your Protection. Encase yourself for robustness and privacy, private spaces private security service that can be monitored 24/7.

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Bunker are storage storage ★★★★★

#2 is a channel dedicated to URBEX, which is a term used to describe the inside exploration of abandoned cities, nuclear bunkers, and industrial ruins. Our channel covers a variety of topics from introductory URBEX how-to guides such as mental preparation, safety tips and equipment as well as tips and tricks to explore the unseen and explore the world.

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Abandoned Castles and Bunkers Through Europe

Upload a video about your discovery of an abandoned WWII bunker, then share it with your social media audience using the hashtag #urbanexplorers, the website URL, and an email address.

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Abandoned Castles and Bunkers Through Europe ☣️

A fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. The bunker was abandoned during the Cuban Missile Crisis and has been fully stocked with satellite phones, weapons, and other Soviet gear. Contained in a blown up mountain, you can check it out and stay for a small fee.

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They explore abandoned bunkers around the world.

Explore the mysterious history of abandoned bunkers in Europe. A moving, powerful story.

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Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites ★★★★☆

What if you woke up to find that your city was covered in nuclear bunkers?.

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Abandoned cold-war era bunker, urban exploration

Abandoned for over 40 years, the vast empty subterranean Soviet Cold War bunker now holds a treasure trove of stories and secrets. Explore the mysterious caverns and deep basements, gather your friends and make it a time to remember.

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